Wednesday May 8, 2019


Skill: Four Super Sets
10 Barbell Row +
Max Chin-ups

Choose a weight on the
Row that allows for good
position work that
incorporates GLUTES

For Chin-Ups aim for
8 or more reps each
time. This might mean
its time to use a little
more significant band to
help with that many reps.

“Crazy Town”
:45 work/:15 Rest
5 rounds
Max Cal Bike
5 rounds
Max Alt DB Snatch 50/35
5 rounds
Max Burpees to Target*

*just above standing reach


Warm up:
200 m run then 3 rounds:
5 ring rows
5 burpee
10 alt lunges

20 min AMRAP:
1 round of Cindy
200 m run
*rounds of Cindy increase by 1 after the 200 (ex: round 1=1 round of Cindy; round 2=2 rounds of Cindy)

Cindy is

5 pullups(or equivalent ring row/jumping pullups)+10 push-ups+15 squats

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 at 9:06 pm / WODS