Wednesday March 6, 2018

Two awesome days of workouts ALREADY this week!

Double unders are tough for many of us but we saw some real progress on these yesterday. Often with technical movements there is very little improvement for a long period of time and then, BOOM! Anyone ever experienced this?(MAYBE, share on Instagram).

If you still looking for a jump rope Amazon for $10 gets you something adequate and if you want a great jump rope that you can keep for a while then go to

MARCH MADNESS!!! Bring a FRIEND FOR FREE THE ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH!Β  (also something to share on social media)

Updated schedule with new classes in the links below!

2019 schedule natomas

2019 schedule woodland


Skill: Ring Dips

Accumulate: 50 Reps

RX+ do them strict. RX do them kipping. Still working on them try a band assistance and/or box dips


Buy-in: 750 m Row

Then: 3 rounds

20 Goblet squats w DB 50/35

16 devil presses w DB 50/35

Cash-out: 250 m row


(30 minute classes Available according to the class schedule above*)

*Hint: today is Wednesday and these classes are scheduled for 630 and 700 on Wednesdays)

Warm up: 5 min emom

10 no jump/no push up burpees


Workout: 5 rounds

2 min hustle paced assualt bike

1 min push ups with alternating knee tucks

1 min situps


Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 at 6:31 pm / WODS