Wednesday March 18, 2020

The safety of our members is paramount. Along with safety we balance personal responsibility and ownership. As long as we are able we will encourage athletes to make their own decision on whether or not to come in to the gym with full knowledge that Sacramento Public Health has decided to proceed with a directive to stay at home and only leave when necessary. Note this directive is different from a mandate. Essentially, this is a recommendation. That being said, the recommendation doesn’t come lightly. Officials and the powers-that-be are aware of the potential economic hardship that could incur following these pressing times. Because of all this I’m urging all of you to weigh out what is most important to you personally. I have heard from local law enforcement that the Shelter-in-place we see in the Bay Area is different than our Sacramento County directive. To best comply with what we know we are going to adjust the gym effective tomorrow.

•From now until April 6th, the gym will function far more like an open gym with daily workouts suggested and available on this website( 

•Groups of 10 or more will not be allowed to form within the gym. This was another recommendation from the Presidential level and we will do our best to be in compliance.

•The gym may smell like cleaning product. In addition to each athlete cleaning their equipment and floor space, the gym floor will be mopped with disinfectant every day.

•Coaches will be on the floor to answer questions, explain workouts, and ensure all athletes are disinfecting their workout area and equipment with wipes, sprays and towels that are provided.

•Open gym times will be Monday to Friday from 5 am-10 am and 3 pm-7 pm. Depending on availability there may be additional open gym times available. Saturday Open gym will be from 9 am-11 am.

•Gym members may checkout equipment to bring home to add to their home workout experience. This equipment will be loaned a week at a time and will be provided at no cost members. Simply leave your name and what was borrowed at the clipboard provided at the front desk. Please limit to 2 items.

Thank you all for your support and the constructive feedback from so many. I respect each of your decision to do what’s best for you and your own personal situation and circumstances. We will continue to provide home workouts for all that need them and we look forward to a time when we can all be together again. Thank you for allowing our coaching staff along with my family and I to serve you for so long. I truly look forward to many more years to come.


Part A: Waffles are just pancakes
2 rounds
0-1 min
1-2 min
AMRAP R-Side plank
2-3 min
AMRAP L-side plank
3-5 min
AMRAP 10 hollow rocks+10 v-ups

Part B: “Liberated”
100 db box step overs
100 single arm devil press
100 pull-ups

*reps may be completed in any order.
20:00 cap

T1: lighten or remove db’s from
Step overs/and devil presses and
Ring rows or banded pull-ups
T2: 50/35’s and 24/20 on step
Overs. Devil press 50/35.
T3: chest to bar

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 at 10:09 pm / WODS