Wednesday June 30, 2021

Today we have a simple warm up that moves into some extra mobility since we are in our third day of the week. Strength work is very straightforward today in comparison to earlier in the week and is an easy way to build some valuable strength. Once you get to the workout of the day, you’ll find the solution to the elusive ring dip is simple to scale to a banded ring dip or a banded box dip. This modification allows people of all fitness and experience levels to gain from this workout. the inspiration behind this workout is Karen and Elizabeth, two classic CrossFit Benchmarks.

Warm Up

Run, bike, row or ski for 4 min
then 3 rounds
10 Goblet or Banded Squats
10 Push ups with alt shoulder tap
10 alt v-ups


Back Squat
4 sets of 10 (start with 40-50% of 1 rep max and move up from there if needed)

(Partner or Solo. Solo version is half reps of the version listed below)

12 Min Clock
150 walballs 20/14
with remaining time AMRAP
20 Power Cleans 135/95
20 Ring Dips

T1: modify this as needed. Lower the weight, change the range of motion or even substitute a simpler movement if need be.
T2: As written
T3: Perform as a chipper. 150 wallballs, 90 Power Cleans, Max Ring Muscle UPs.

Durability Work (if you have extra time, want more work, are trying to lean out, get stronger or build your engine)

60/48 Cal Ski
60 alt db snatch 50/35
60/48 Cal Ski
60 russian KB swings 70/53

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021 at 7:29 pm / WODS