Wednesday July 28, 2021

At each of the past few gym events (including post-MURPH) I have been asked what I seasoned the meat with. I used a simple homemade dry rub. In this video I had Piper and Violet help me make it step by step. If you want to make it for your next BBQ, now you can!

Warm Up

Row or Run for 7 min
10 push ups to downward dog
20 alt v ups
10/10 single arm db press
Lat stretch :30 per side
Tricep pull :30 per side


Split Jerk

Focus on 1) Fast feet 2) No press outs. 


15 Min AMRAP
15 R arm DB Snatch 50/35
20 v-ups
15L arm DB Snatch 50/35
Run 1 lap

T1: modify as needed
T2: as written
T3: KB snatches 53/35

*KB snatches come from a hang position by default. DB snatches start with both heads of DB on the floor.

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 at 5:51 pm / WODS