Wednesday January 6, 2020

Watch the Iron Mile wrap up of the old location

The new Iron Mile location will open in just a couple days. Until then enjoy workouts at Iron Mile Creek, 1740 E St. Rio Linda 95673. The Creek will be open from 12-6pm every day and Coach Ben and/or other coaching staff will be present during this time. Keeping to the schedule with start times of 3, 4, and 5pm will help many of you stay consistent in a time that it’s easy to back off. But you can enjoy the flexibility of showing up at any point during the 12-6pm window as well.

Some of you will opt for working out at home. If you do that follow the programming for great ideas or mix up something else altogether. Either way tag us in a picture so we can see what you’re doing and share it with everyone else too!

Reach out to me personally.

Coach Ben

Pre-workout: 4 sets
1:00 right side plank
1:00 left side plank

90 on/:90 off x 18 minutes
1 round of DT
Max cal bike

DT=12 deadlifts+9 hang power cleans+6 shoulder to ovhd 155/105

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 at 9:32 pm / WODS