Wednesday December 11, 2019

Wednesday is a great day to get a little crazy. If you happen to be around late in the evening for a 6 pm class, then sticking around for a 7 pm IM30 is a great way to get in a little extra work.


Skill/strength: Bench Press

Take 15 minutes and build to a 5 rep max. If you find it early do sets at +/- 80% to use up the clock

Skill/Strength 2: 6 min clock

0-2 min: max side plank

2-4 min: max other side plank

4-6 min: plank


10 down to 1

Toes to barΒ 

Thruster 75/55


10 rounds(18 min cap)

10 Pushups

Row 250/200 m

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 at 7:47 am / WODS