Wednesday April 15, 2020

Two ways to join in the fun!

1) Download the zoom app and join one of the classes through the link below or Facebook Live

Zoom Workout at 10 am

2) Show up to the outdoor gym at Iron Mile Acres, 1740 E st. 95673. Workouts are hosted outdoors, social distance is respected, and equipment is sanitized regularly. Members of your own household may join you as a guest at no charge.

Daily challenge: 1 burpee every 4 seconds until failure

Workout of the day:

No equipment –
20 table rows
20 glute bridges
~200m run/40 high knees

Minimal equip –
20 db or barbell rows (use what you have. we know you pulled yesterday)
20 glute bridges
200m run

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 at 10:37 pm / WODS