Wednesday April 12, 2017

Great workout planned for today. We are going to start with the WOD and finish with some accessory/muscular sculpting work! If you are one of the people who hit Monday and Tuesday as well you are on your way to your summer body! 

Head Coach Ben Alderman is heading to regionals for his 6th time and Jen Munro for her first time as an individual. We are still hoping that after the dust settles we will be sending an additional 6 people as a team! If you wish to show additional support grab the new “Kill All PRs” shirt from the gym or pre-order the black one from You can pre-order some of the classic favorites there as well.

50 hang squat cleans 205/135*

Emom do 3 over your bar burpees including the start.

3 x 20 Front Raise

3×20 Db row

3×20 hip ext

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 at 4:03 am / WODS