Tuesday September 10, 2019



5 minutes: Handstand hold practice(freestanding or wall)

12 minutes: Build to a heavy jerk balance

Workout: 15 Min AMRAP

60 Wallballs 20/14

60 Double Unders

60 Burpees

60 DB Snatches 50/35

60/45 Cal Row

*Ladies as written. Men reverse the order.


Same as IM60 workout.


2 min each

Tall Pigeon Right

Tall Pigeon Left

Quad Hip Wall Right

Quad Hip Wall Left

Sumo Squat


Hanging Shrugs(scap Pullups)

Scap Pushups


Part A: 1 overhead squat emom x 15 minutes

Part B: Build to a heavy 3 run narrow grip bench press

Accessory: 10 down to 1 strict toes to bar superset with 10 hip ext

Monday, September 9th, 2019 at 9:25 pm / WODS