Tuesday October 15, 2019

A LOT OF YOU… have mentioned getting stronger. We now have two “floating” Strength workouts that you can do at any point during the week! It was designed by our new powerlifting coach; Jamie Tsuji. Better yet she is going to hanging out at the gym this evening if you want to ask any questions. Both workouts are listed below today’s workouts so you can do them whenever is convenient for you. If you do them during a regular class time, coaches will be around to ask questions and coach you as usual.

4 sets each side
10 one arm DB row each side
:30 overhand barbell curls immediately after each set

Workout: 14 min amrap
10 hang power clean and jerk 135/95
20 cal row

15 min emom
1-5) 10-15/ 6-10 cal bike
6-10) 10-20 Wallballs
11-15) 16-20 renegade rows

IM Recovery:
2 min couch stretch per side
2 min saddle
1 min lat stretch per side
1 min tricep stretch per side
2 min half split per side
1 min cactus pose per side

Monday, October 14th, 2019 at 10:14 pm / WODS