Tuesday May 4, 2021

Barbell Club is back!

Breathe slow, lift heavy. Give your lifts all the attention they need with Coach Gabi at 7 pm on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Iron Mile Fam there is no additional cost for this class!


Warm up: 3 rounds

10 Kip Swings
10 Alt Leg V-ups
10 Jumping Lunges
10 PVC Passthroughs

Strength: Overhead Squat

15 minutes
Build to a heavy 3. If time allows do 3 more sets of 3 at 70-80%

Locking the restroom has proven difficult. Turns out that can be resolved by letting the door close on its own, then forcefully pressing on the door to cause a click, and then pressing the lock button.

Workout: “Ostrich”

15 Min AMRAP

Run 1 lap
10 toes to bar
Run 2 laps
20 toes to bar
Run 3 laps
30 toes to bar…
…continue in this fashion until time cap.

T1: move to v-ups, sit ups or GHDs
T2: As written
T3: Add in 1 bar muscle up for each lap of that round. For example, round 4 would be 4 laps, 4 bar muscle ups, and 40 toes to bar.


Shoulders REviSitEd
Max unbroken strict press 45/35
then 4 sets of 15 lateral raises


3 min max single unders or double unders
then 4 sets of 15 unbroken strict press 75/55

Barbell Club

5/4: Tuesday
-4×5 Back Squat @75%
-5×3 Position 1 Clean (same across all sets)
-6×1 2 Push Press + 1 Jerk

Monday, May 3rd, 2021 at 8:37 pm / WODS