Tuesday March 6, 2018

This Thursday at 5pm we are having a viewing party at the gym for 18.3. Bring a friend to watch the event with your fitfam and drink some samples of Fitaid and Boochcraft.

Also, this week we are doing an optional 2 minute get upside-down challenge. To participate just figure out which version you want to do and then do it each day of the week Monday through Friday. Take a pic and post it if you like and we will repost them on the Iron Mile pages.

Upside-down Challenge
Every Day Accumulate 2 minutes Upside-down
Option 1: Piked Headstand with Feet on the box
Option 2: Handstand Hold using the wall(Facing out with heels on the wall is easier. Facing wall with only toes is harder.)
Option 3: Freestanding Handstand
Option 4: Make up your own and let us know!

Tuesday Class Skill:
Treat your body Tuesday!
5 sets
5 ring push ups+:30 ring plank+:10 alternating ring plank reach outs

Accumulate 3-5 minutes in a passive squat. You can do this after all the ring work or chip away at it during your rests between sets of ring work.

Run 800 m(both)
30 Shoulder to overhead
45 Hang Power Cleans
60 deadlifts
45 hang power cleans
30 shoulder to overhead

Competitive: 155/105
RX: 135/95
Intermediate/Beginner: Up to 115/75

Monday, March 5th, 2018 at 8:11 pm / WODS