Tuesday March 3, 2020

With over 700 people from Northern California signed up for the online qualifier, it is obvious that our region really wants to have competitive fitness live on in our backyard. Each division is filled out EXCEPT the elite teams! THAT MEANS ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS REGISTER AND COMPLETE THE QUALIFIER AND YOU’VE GUARANTEED YOUR SPOT TO THE MAIN EVENT!


12:00 AMRAP:

4 rounds:
6 devil press
20 foot forward DB bear crawl
12 chest to bar pull up
20 foot reverse DB bear crawl

AMRAP rounds:
6 devil press
20 foot handstand walk
12 chest to bar pull up
20 foot handstand walk

Elite/RX: 50/35


40/20, ring rows, no handstand walk

*The 20 foot distance will be divided into 5 foot sections, with each section counting as 1 repetition.  Scaled athletes will continue to bear crawl for the entire 12:00, while all other athletes will transition to handstand walk after 4 rounds.

Optional PART B (not a part of the qualifier)

3 rounds

15 cal ski

15 cal row

15 cal bike


15 min AMRAP

20 DB snatches

15 knee push ups

10 burpees


A. Every Minute on the minute x 12 min
1 Halting Squat Clean

B. 3 front squats every minute. Each successful minute add 10 lbs

start at either 75/55 or 135/95

C. 3 sets

200’ kB farmer carry

15 seated band abductions

10 kb RDL’s with 2 sec lower



Monday, March 2nd, 2020 at 9:57 pm / WODS