Tuesday March 12, 2019

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU to everyone who has brought in a friend for FREE during MARCH MADNESS! Also, big thanks to you guys who have let me know that you are bringing in someone soon. IM60, IM30, IMRECOVERY all on tap today. See the workouts below. (Keep side work during recovery classes at a very minimal noise level.)


Snatch grip deadlift + high hang snatch pull + hang snatch
Work to a heavy single

4 rounds
15 shoulder to overhead 135/95
20 back rack lunges 135/95
Run 400m


12 min AMRAP 

250 m row 

15 push-ups

Rest 3 min

12 min AMRAP 

15 burpees

15 kb squat swings


1 min Right side twisted cross

1 min left side twisted cross

2 min puppy dog

1 min right half saddle

1 min left side half saddle

2 min Frog

1 min seated straddle lean to the right

1 min seated straddle lean to the left

2 min seated straddle

10-20 Samson lunge with 2-3 second hold

Accumulate 2-3 minutes T spine mobility over a medicine ball.

Monday, March 11th, 2019 at 9:26 pm / WODS