Tuesday January 7, 2020


All points will be added in by one of your team members using the honor system to the Google Doc that is linked below:

Iron Mile Recharge Points Sheet

Points are accumulated individually. Partners will add their points up to add a daily number to the spreadsheet.


-Do I have to workout with my partner?

Nope. Come in to whatever class works for you.

-Do I have to take before and after pictures?

Not to worry no pics required. We do recommend that you take your own before and afters(and weekly pics as well) to document your own progress.

-I don’t think I can win, why should I pay $20?

Well two reasons. One is selfish and the other is altruistic. On one hand, you are more likely to follow through when you actually are willing to put your hard earned money on the line so you’ll get better results. On the other, a $20 buy-in isn’t much but when everyone does it the sum is greater and allows Iron Mile to give better prizes. Win-win!

-This isn’t a question but I just don’t want to do it.

That’s fine participation is optional but, don’t be that person who talks a big game, complains about the way they look come summer, or wants better health markers and then sit on the sideline. You don’t get to have it both ways.

-I have a lot going on and this is bad timing, will you do it again next month?

Look, this is going to take sacrifice no doubt. Letting an upcoming birthday, social engagement or vacation distract you from the fact that you need to make a change is justification for staying the same.

Nutrition points

1 point for eating 4 cups of veggies a day

1 point for eating protein at every meal

1 point for not eating or drinking any form of sugar or added sweetener… even if its natural.

1 point for drinking 72 oz of water a day

1 point for no alcohol in a day

1 point for no dairy or no grains in a day. You don’t get a point for both. The reward is for one or the other. If you do both, still one point.

Fitness points

1 point for doing a class workout(max 1 points daily)

1 point for doing one of the bonus workouts (max1 point daily)

1 point for spending 10 minutes working on a weakness ie assault bike, double under, pull-ups etc

Social Points

1 point for a social media post tagging Iron Mile and adding #IMrecharge

1 point for bringing a friend to Iron Mile for the first time

Lifestyle Points

1 point for getting 8 or more hours of sleep in a day

1 point for using your fitness outside of a gym setting

IM60 available at 5 am, 6 am, 9 am, 3 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm

Strength/Skill: 10 min of Rope Climbs or Pull-up strength

If doing rope climbs, practice getting the foot lock techniques mastered and work to get enough reps in to start to get tired.

Pull-up skill:

2 min Max strict pullups or jumping negatives

2 min Max ring rows

2 min Max time accumulated at the top of the chin up

4 min circuit of 10 band pull aparts and 5 jumping chest to bar

Workout: 8 min time cap


Cal Assualt Bike


Cluster 135/95

IM30 at 6am and 6 pm

Warm up: 6 min of easy row with 2-3 10 sec sprints built in whenever athlete chooses

Workout: 15 min AMRAP

100 Dumbbell Glute bridge ups

then AMRAP with the rest of the clock

5 burpees over the dumbbell

10 dumbbell squats

20 grasshoppers

IMBuild at 7 PM

High Hang Squat Clean + Jerk. 10 reps only. For quality. May build if quality is there.

Build to a solid 3 Tempo Front Squat (3 sec lower+normal speed everything else)

3-5 sets

:30 sec weighted plank

:30 sec hip ext hold

:30 sec wall sit

IMRecovery (self-directed and at 630 am, 630 pm)

2 min seated forward fold

1 min straddle to right

1 min straddle to left

2 min couch stretch right

2 min couch stretch left

2 min frog

2 min child’s pose

Then 2 x 1:00 superman hold

Monday, January 6th, 2020 at 7:30 pm / WODS