Tuesday January 21, 2020


Part A.

12 minutes

partition the following anyway

50 ghd sit ups

50 hollow rocks

50 ab mat sit ups

*stretch with any remaining time.

Part B.

For time.

1200 m Run

5 rounds

15 kettlebell squats 53/35*

21 kB swings 53/35

*hold the kettlebell any way.


Ski or row 800m

Then 8 rounds

6 pull up or ring rows

8 hand release push ups

10 air squats


Part A.

5 min emom*

6 squat snatch

*this is to improve barbell cycling. Use a weight that you won’t fail and focus on smooth reps and consistent form. (Mayhem Strength)

Part B.

Power Snatch


Use the 7 sets to build to a heavy touch and go triple. Strive for quality of movement and quantity of weight.

Part C.

5 sets for quality

15 hip extensions

5 glute ham raises

Monday, January 20th, 2020 at 11:17 pm / WODS