Tuesday January 14, 2020

Just a reminder… PROTIEN shakes or Fitaid are allowed after your class workouts on the challenge.

IM30 630 am/630 pm

1000 m row

10 rounds 7 air squats/7 kB swings

1000 m ski


Every 10 x 30 min

30/25 cal bike

25 deadlifts 225/155

20 hspu or scaled movement

Competitive do 30 Deadlifts and 30 hspu


Today we use IMBuild as a functional bodybuilding day. To bring balance and health to the body by dealing with the muscular portions of the body without the interference of aerobic work.

20 min emom

Min 1: 20 alternating top to top dB bench press

Min 2: 15 hollow rocks

Min 3: 8+8 SA db row

Min 4: rest

3 sets of 7+7+7

Db front raise

Db lateral raise

Db rear felt fly

3 sets of

10 free motion cable row

15 banded lat pull down

Monday, January 13th, 2020 at 8:53 pm / WODS