Tuesday February 23, 2021


WARM UP: 3 rounds

10 KB RDLs
Toy Soldiers down and back
3 Inch Worms
High Knees down and back
10 KB swings

Strength/Technique: Deadlift + Power Clean

15 Min to Build to a heavy for the day.

Drop between the two lifts.

Workout: 12 Min Clock

4 min max pull-ups (T1: Ring Rows/T3: Chest to Bar)
4 Min max push ups (T1: Knee Push Ups/T3: Ring Dips)
4 Min max KB Swings 53/35 (T1: <53/35/T3: 70/53)
*At the start of each 4 min section 15 Burpees(T1: <15 burpees/T3: 20 burpees)


:40 on/:20 off until 600 double unders or 1200 singles

Row 2000m at moderate pace right into 100 m sprint/100 m chill for 2000 additional m.

Monday, February 22nd, 2021 at 8:16 pm / WODS