Tuesday February 11, 2020

Once again congratulations to…

Jesse, Angel, Amber, Lucas, Anne, and Nuria for winning a case of Fitaid for making every workout for the month of January!

Also, for everyone in doing IM Recharge, if all your teams points are up to date at the by Thursday morning then you will be entered to randomly win a new Trigger Point Gris Foam Roller!


15 min clock
1 up to 12
Burpee over DB
10 DB Power Cleans

With Remaining time AMRAP
walking Lunges


Part A: Lift
Front Squat
3 reps every 2 minutes for 15
minutes. Build in weight/intensity
each round if possible.

Part B:
16 min Clock
3 rounds
10 power cleans
15 hand release push ups
3 rounds
10 squat cleans
15 handstand pushups
3 rounds
10 thrusters
15 strict hspu

T1: lightweight barbell that
allows athlete to be able to do
close to 5 touch and go reps
while fresh. Push-ups, hspu, and
strict hspu can be scaled to any
variation of bodyweight pressing
movement. T1 does not NEED to
change movements every 3
T2: 115/75
T3: 135/95


Part 1: Every 2m x 20m
Power Clean+Squat Clean+
Front Squat

Part 2: 5 sets of 10
Back Rack Lunges(step forward)

Part 3: 3-3-3-3
Weighted Chin Up
*always start from a dead hang

Monday, February 10th, 2020 at 9:34 pm / WODS