Tuesday August 13, 2019

The new Iron Mile Lifestyle Challenge started yesterday, Monday August 12th and runs through Monday September 9th. You can still sign up! Don’t miss out on a chance to get better and invest in yourself! Coaches will be available for questions and to sign you up in the gym. Cost is $20 Venmo or Cash. This money will go into a pot and paid out based on how many points each person accumulates. Points will be tracked at the gym and can be accumulated daily in the following ways:

Nutrition points

1 point for eating 4 cups of veggies a day

1 point for eating protein at every meal

1 point for not eating or drinking any form of sugar or added sweetener

1 point for drinking 64 oz of water a day

Fitness points

1 point for doing a class workout(max 2 points daily)

1 point for doing the monthly bonus workout (40 air squats+30 eye level kb swings+20 burpees)

Social Points

1 point for a social media post tagging Iron Mile and adding #IMhealthchallenge

1 point for bringing a friend to Iron Mile for the first time


Skill: double kb staggered stance deadlifts
4 sets of 8-12*                                                                    *Super set with 400 m run.

Workout: 5 or 10 rounds*
10 bjo
10 pull-ups
10 push jerks 165/115
*5 rounds for individual and 10 rounds of team.
I go you go if partner.

15 min AMRAP
10 ring rows
10 dumbbell shoulder to overhead
10 box jumps

Sumo deadlifts

Split Jerk

3 sets of max effort weighted planks

2 Min seated forward fold
1 min straddle right
1 min straddle left
2 min couch stretch right
2 min couch stretch left
3 min frog
2 min upward dog
2 min childs pose

Monday, August 12th, 2019 at 10:06 pm / WODS