Tuesday April 27, 2021

Warm Up: Choose

75 burpees
2 mile assault bike
1500 m Row
1 mile run

sub 8 min target/10 min cap

Strength/Skill: Pull-ups

today is a great day for anyone who wants to advance in anything pull-ups. If you can strict but don’t have the technique to kip or butterfly, we will work on that. If you can kip or butterfly we are going to work on strict pull-ups. If you have spent the time to be good at both, you can set a goal for how many reps you’d like to hit in the 12-15 minutes. Coaches will advise and help you figure out exactly what would be most beneficial.

Workout: 12 min Cap

Power Clean
Shoulder to overhead
Back Squats

T1: 95/65 or lighter
T2: 135/95 (45 and up: 115/75)
T3: 165/115


Face Pulls (Machine Preferred) 4 sets of 12
Lateral Raises 4 sets of 12

Row for 10 min
In case this is seen as easy or as a cool down it should not be. Think of this in five 2 min increments. Each one slightly (:01-:02) faster each time. Sprint the last :30 with no drop off.

Monday, April 26th, 2021 at 8:18 pm / WODS