Today is NOT Rest Day

And I’ll tell you why…

But first let me tell you about Coach Devin. Coach Devin has been an integral member of our coaching crew and a vital part to our competitive group of athletes since 2014. At the 5 and 6 am classes he has brought a sense of humor and a keen eye to help make people more fit and more understanding of their own movement. Those of us that have seen him training in the gym have observed an athlete that is capable of putting on an incredible show of athleticism at any moment.

Even though all the above things are true(and actually a bit understated) the biggest thing about Devin is the fact that we see him as one of us. We see him as a friend and even a brother who we trust with a barbell and much more. Which brings me to why we aren’t resting today (Thursday);

Devin is coaching at Iron Mile one last time. Today, Devin will be coaching all the afternoon and evening classes. Maybe it will be your first opportunity or for most of you, your last opportunity to be coached by Devin because he is moving. Devin is relocating next week to Santa Rosa where he will be running his own facility working with people with spinal cord injuries.

So, what do you say? Let’s all skip “rest day” and head into the gym to hang out with our friend Devin.

Coach Ben



Shoulder Press or Bench Press
4 sets of 10


24 jumping lunges

rest 2 min

18 alt db snatch

rest 2 min

12 toes to bar

16 minute cap

T1: modify movements as needed
T2: 225/155 deadlifts and 50/35 lb db
T3: unbroken deadlifts

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 at 9:22 pm / WODS