Thursday May 3, 2018

So Tuesday we had a low skill high cardio/aerobic 20 min AMRAP. Today is a high skill bodyweight workout. That being said, the key to a great workout today will be listening to your coach and scaling so that you find the right movements for you!

Strength/Skill work:

2-3 rounds over 10 minutes for quality

10 Slow narrow grip push ups

10 slow empty bar ovhd squats

L-sit practice between 2 boxes


Workout: 20 min AMRAP

1 rope climb(legless if you can)*

5 strict hspu (Scale to seated strict kb/db Press)

10 v-ups

15 box step ups 24/20

*woodland gym has no pull-up structure the remainder of the week. There the Scale could be ring pull-ups or ring pull-up negatives.

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 at 9:34 pm / WODS