Thursday March 14, 2019

IM60, IM30, IMRecovery and Zumba(Natomas) all on the schedule today(Thursday). Be sure to invite friends and check the class times. If you want to try something new; try the IM30+IMRecovery combo. You’ll get in a great sweat and some much needed mobility work heading into 19.4…

If you haven’t had time take a look at: Iron Mile Head Coach(Yours truly) and AnywhereFit Head Coach Blair Morrison are hosting the first ever truly large scale competitive fitness event in the Sacramento area. The qualifier(what you complete to be able to do the LIVE EVENT) will be April 1 through the 8 and will be programmed at the gym so you won’t have to make time to get it in. The actual live event will take place outdoors over 3 days at the Riverwalk Park in West Sacramento June 28-30. There will be scaled, Masters, individual and team divisions at the Reebok/Fitaid/Kettlebell Kitchen/Caffeine and Kilos sponsored event. We need competitors and volunteers to bring back a truly community feel. So once again check out


Skill/ conditioning:
Alternate with a partner or 1:1 rest
8x300m row (4 each)

Partner Wod:
20 min amrap
12 wall walks
60 box jump overs 24/20
90 grasshoppers
120 double unders


16 min AMRAP


single Db front squat

Hanging knee raises

100 m run*

At minute 12 no more running.


2 min Frog Stretch

2 min cross shin (chest down)

2 min squat stretch(assisted with rig upright to keep chest up)

2 min cross shin opposite leg on top(chest down)

2 min cactus arm scorpion right side

2 min cactus arm scorpion

2 min puppy dog

3 sets of

15 scapular push ups + 15 glute bridge ups


Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 at 9:49 pm / WODS