Thursday February 25, 2021

The rest muscle…

Someone funnier and wittier than me said, “Rest day? Which one is the Rest muscle and how do I work it?” Oddly enough many don’t rest on the traditional rest day (Thursday). Often this is met with eye-rolling and stern warnings about overtraining etc. As your coach, I have fallen into this same trap. You actually don’t have to rest on THURSDAY. You can train and the world won’t end. Many people don’t train on the weekend so they already get two rest days per week. Some have hectic lives that knock them out of training for extended periods of time so they, “strike while the iron is hot” so to speak.
The reality is, it’s about stress. Can your body adjust to the stress that you put it under? That means, can your body respond with muscle growth, reduced body fat, and/or increased fitness with what you are doing in the gym, with your food, and around your lifestyle?
If you look at yourself and see slower than typical results, unexpected results, or even worse, no results at all; it’s time to sit down and evaluate with a coach. Text me if thats you: 530-908-7678



:50 chill/:10 sprint x 5 min on any machine
10 narrow foot squats
10 squats
10 sumo squats

Strength/Technique: TEMPO Back Squats

4 sets of 10 Back Squats. The first back squat of every set has a :10 decent and a :05 pause at the bottom. The remaining 9 reps should be done at athletes normal rhythm.

Workout: 24 min Clock

5 rounds
16/12 cal bike
run 150m (1 lap)

Rest 2 min

5 rounds
20/15 cal row
run 150 m (1 lap)


3 rounds
Run 4 laps+25 wallballs
Rest 1 min after each round
-right into
3 rounds
15 up down box jump overs+15 Russian KB Swings
Rest 1 min after each round

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021 at 8:42 pm / WODS