Thursday December 19, 2019


Workout of the Week

4 rounds

550 m row or 450 ski

21 kB swings 53/35

21 jumping chest to bar pull-ups


*Strength Work performed as a finisher to IM60. Athletes may do this if place of IMRecovery as well

3 sets of 20 DB step ups(weighted of possible)


3 rounds

1:30-bike for cal

1:30-single under

1:30-double db bent over row

Rest 1 min


1 min glute bridge hold

1 min squat hold

1 min hollow hold

1 min hang from pull-up bar

2 min iron cross each side

2 min puppy dog

2 min Samson each side

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 at 10:04 pm / WODS