Thursday August 19, 2021

Warm Up

:45 moderate/:15 sprint x 7 min on any machine
Change machines one time if desired
3 rounds
7 PVC Passthroughs
7 PVC Overhead Squats
7 PVC Snatch Balance


Snatch Balance + Snatch every :90 x 12 min

Partner Workout

21 min amrap
14 KB Swings 70/53
14 burpees to target*
*target should be above max reach

T1: modify as needed
T2: as written
T3: every 3:00 stop and do 50′ handstand walk

Durability Work

4 rounds
15 Unbroken Goblet Squats
15 Unbroken Rope Tricep Pressdown (Machine in the backroom)
1 min max cal bike… not a true max. Just hit a strong number and try to get that each time.
Rest as needed between rounds

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021 at 8:59 pm / WODS