Thursday April 18, 2019

Intensity is everything and… nothing.

IM60 today is going to be a longer sustained effort and designed to not be a max effort grinder. A chance to burn calories, strengthen your body, and move well.

IM30 on the other hand is a full sweat session and will get your heart rate up and moving!


Skill/Workout: 40 minutes 

•200 m run/250 m row/120 single unders

•10 bench press (135/75)/15 dumbbell deadlifts (50’s/35’s)/20 single arm(10/10) russian kb swings 53/35

In this workout there will be no exact scoring. Work back and forth on a different cardio piece and lift each round. Intent is to move well at all loads and movements. It will be change from the norm but focus on how you are moving rather than how MUCH you are moving. All sets should be smooth and relatively comfortable unbroken. Scale accordingly.


6 rounds

1 min min climbers

1 min squat+tuck jump*

1 min row or bike

*execute a full squat and then add a tuck jump. Two separate movements. Your coach will show you.


2 min lat band right

2 min lat band left

2 min pigeon right

2 min pigeon left

2 min Iron Cross right

2 min Iron Cross left

With 5 minute clock squat stretch as much of time as possible. Use rig if needed.

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 at 7:42 pm / WODS