Special! $30 for 3 weeks at IM… and daily workout

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Skill: Alternating with a partner for 10 minutes

15/12 calories*

*non-rowing partner planks as long as possible while other partner rows. May use any variation of plank.

Workout: 15 min AMRAP*

20 db goblet squats 50/35

60 double unders(scaled 100 singles)

*Guys every 3 minutes do 3 rope climbs. Ladies every 5 minutes do 3 rope climbs


18 min EMOM
1) Cal Bike, row or ski
2) 10 Burpees
*Try and pick a number of calories that
takes you about :40-:45 to get to. Then
when you get tired, don’t drop the
number, challenge yourself to hit it still

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 at 10:18 pm / WODS