Saturday April 20, 2019

Today you have a chance to get in lots of fitness before going out and enjoying your day!

9 am OPEN GYM(use this time for extended warm up, mobility, and GAINZ!)

930 am: IM30 (take a dedicated 30 minutes and condition your butt off… but not TOO off ?)

10 am: IM60 (the ultimate workout. Mixed modality workout to challenge every system in your body, create new levels of fitness, and engage with friends and family)


Workout first and then functional body building/core post.

(The goal is try to get close to the same score the both times. This means effort should be sustainable/repeatable. 80%ish… most will go out way to hard. But then the pitfall is going too slow.)

Workout: 2 rounds

8 min AMRAP 

Row 250

10 front rack lunge 185/125

2/1 legless rope climbs

10 front rack lunges 185/125

-Rest 3 min

8 min AMRAP 

20/15 cal bike

16 kb swings 70/53

12 double Db shoulder to ovhd 50/35

-Rest 3 min

Post workout: 

1 max effort plank hold 

1 min or less; nice work keep grinding

1-2 minutes; excellent 

2-3 minutes; savage

3+ minutes; ELITE!

hammer curls with opposite arm ovhd hold;

3 sets of 10-12 reps each arm


18 min AMRAP


Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

Ring push ups

Run 200 m

After 15’s go back to 5’s. Scale the ring push-ups by changing the angle similar to a ring row.

Friday, April 19th, 2019 at 8:10 pm / WODS