Recommitting to Health and Fitness; WOD for August 19, 2019

*Please Read*

The IM Lifestyle Challenge has gotten quite a few people thinking about healthy habits. Maybe you missed your chance to sign up or maybe you did sign up but you didn’t take it seriously last week. THATS OKAY…

Recommit this week and give it your best. If you didn’t sign up you still can join us for the last 3 weeks of the challenge. Just Venmo $20 to @Ironmile-Alderman and we’ll add you to the leaderboard!

This week there are 3 additional ways to gain points each day;

•Spend 10 minutes working on a weakness… ie double unders, handstand walks, snatches etc

•Take an IMRecovery class or Romwod. You still get points for taking up to two classes. If one of them is a recovery class then you do get double points for that class!

•Don’t eat dairy. Now dairy isn’t bad for everyone but it is a way that many over-consume calories and to learn moderation we will reward you with one point each day that you remove it.


If you do not consume any alcohol from Monday through the end of Friday(11:59:59) you get all the bonus points. If you drink at all you get 0.


Strength bias: 4 sets(new every 3:00)
10-15 chest flys
Max Narrow grip push ups

Slimming bias: 4 sets(new every 3:00)
12 push ups w/shoulder taps
50 mountain climbers

10 down to 1
Db thruster 50’s/35’s
10 box step ups 50/35

Sunday, August 18th, 2019 at 11:54 am / WODS