Monday September 30, 2019

 We start a new month this week. October is a funny month and often falls into this place where we get complacent. What if you didn’t though? What if you told your coach, friends or someone else close to you what your goals were? What if your commitment to fitness could be a conduit for follow through and success in other areas? What if your were honest and admitted when you needed a little help?

You need to hear that your coaches are here to provide that help. Share your goals or ask for help.

It’s a slightly short week with Iron October being on Saturday. The gym will be transformed into a workout floor for nearly 100 local area competitors so there will be no class.

Friday the last class will be at 5 pm and the volunteer meeting will be at 630 pm. All volunteers should be on site Saturday morning by 730 am.

We are still looking for people who love opportunities like this to help, share the burden and enjoy the fun that comes from being a part of our Iron Mile Volunteer Crew! Just put your name on the whiteboard or text Coach Ben 530.908.7678


Tall kneeling DB presses
4 sets of 12-15

Hang squat clean 135/95
Bar facing burpee
Rest 3 mins
Bar facing burpee
Push jerk 135/95

Sunday, September 29th, 2019 at 7:17 pm / WODS