Monday October 18, 2021

Commitment is rare these days. Commit to your health and let our coaching staff help you move and feel better.

Warm Up

7 min flow

10 alt bird dogs

10 glute bridge ups

10 Cossack squat

10 KB goblet squats

10 KB dimmel deadlifts

Lat stretch, tricep pull or other mob for 2-3 min

Strength: every :90×12 min

Front Squat+Jerk

(Don’t worry too much about weight here until technique improves. If it does, work to a heavy and stay fast in the split jerk)

Partner Workout

(to go solo simply adjust your speed and keep reps and work the same as if you had a partner)

20 min AMRAP

50 double unders

40 wallballs 20/14

30 box jump overs 24/20

20 cal bike

10 power cleans 135/95

T1: modify as needed

T2: as written


R1: 135/95

R2: 185/125

R3: 205/135

R4+: 225/155


50 Russian KB swings w 70/53 in as few swings as possible

50 Russian KB swings w 53/35 in as few swings as possible

10×10 Russian KB swings 70/53

Sunday, October 17th, 2021 at 5:59 pm / WODS