Monday May 11, 2020

GET AFTER IT TODAY! It’s a new week, just move! Even if it’s 10 minutes, you’ll feel better when you do something!

Also keep in mind Murph is just two weeks away! We are going to have four preparatory workouts for you between now and then as bonus work! These won’t be the regular daily workout but they will be great for those of you who are looking to do extra work or double days.

Murph Prep Workout #1 will be released tomorrow on the Iron Mile Family FB Group.

RSVP for a class HERE

30 min 🕰 

0-12 min

3 front squats from the floor every :90

Build up in weight whenever possible

At 18 minutes

12 min max cal bike, row, or ski

*before starting calories athlete must complete Diane.

T1: modified hspu/barbell weight less than 225/155

T2: 225/155

T3: 275/185

Minimal-equipment version

12 min amrap


Db, KB, or BB deadlifts

HSPU or Hand release pushups

Then max distance run or max burpees for remaining time.

Sunday, May 10th, 2020 at 9:23 pm / WODS