Monday June 29, 2020

Make sure to reserve a spot at your class:


Warm up: 7 min amrap

7/7 Cossack squats

7/7 lizard push ups* 

*from lizard stretch position do a push up.

Strength: Every 2 minutes for 14 min

5 Box Squats

*set box at parallel or SLIGHTLY above.


4 rounds

:40 plank

30 plate ground to oh

20 cal any machine

10 burpees

Rest 1 min

Plank should be finished in one set every round

T1: shorten plank or break

Up hold as needed. Adjust weights and movements as needed.

T2: 45/35 lb plate

T3: complete workout sub 15:00/15:30

Sunday, June 28th, 2020 at 11:06 pm / WODS