Monday July 8, 2019

Sometimes what we need is a fresh start. The opportunity to try… again. Today is that day. Start by showing up. If you are motivated by a seeing your friends or fitfam then text one of them to meet you at your favorite class. If you are motivated by results or are needing a plan, talk to your coach getting a one on one meeting to go over your goals or nutrition. This is just a good idea for everyone. Don’t let time go by, seize the day, kick Monday in the teeth, etc. etc.

Regardless, the fresh start you are looking for is waiting for you at Iron Mile.

Skill: Coaches will scale to any fitness or experience level to help athlete build from whatever fitness level he/she is at.

Pistol squats(one legged squats)
4 sets of 20
20 jump squats immediately after each set
*scale to banded pistols

14 min amrap
20 Kb swings 70/53
100m kb front rack carry 70/53
100m kb overhead carry 70/53
Run 200m
*focus on good rack position with kb (elbow down, handle of kb on collar bone)

Sunday, July 7th, 2019 at 3:03 pm / WODS