Monday February 17, 2020


Monday(Today) at 10 am


Wednesday at 7 pm

The Iron Mile Recharge is over
and a lot of you guys stayed strong through the end of the challenge! Congratulations to everyone who learned something, got closer to a goal, or improved their health. There are two winners that need to be announced; the winners of the Trigger Point Foam Roller and the winner of the Challenge Overall. Here they are:

Trigger Point Foam Roller: Hakuna MaWODa

RECHARGE WINNERS($500 Southwest Gift Card): Dinkin Flicka


Part A: Glute/Posterior Chain Builder

10 min circuit
40′ Ovhd walking lunge 45/35
8, 16, 24…
Jumping lunge

Rest as needed to maintain quality movement and keep heart rate from climbing too high.

Part B: Conditioning
25 min AMRAP With Partner
Row 2000m
(Switch every 250m)
200 Jumping Pullups
(Switch every 10)
150 wallballs
(switch every 10)
100 V-ups
(switch whenever)
50 burpees
(Switch whenever)

T1: modify to challenging yet doable movements

T2: 20/14 wallballs to 10/9′

T3: 30/20 wallballs to 10/9′ and jumping chest to bar with bar set within 3″ of the wrist

Sunday, February 16th, 2020 at 8:33 pm / WODS