Monday August 16, 2021

Mark Bell is a Sacramento-based internationally known strength athlete and fitness coach. He invented the Sling Shot, a simple yet highly effective piece of equipment that allows people to improve their bench and overall fitness. On Wednesday morning he watched a video that fired him up for the rest of the day. #twokidsfromIronMile

LIFTING BIG with the Iron Mile Boys

Warm Up

10 Minute Clock
1 Round of Cindy
1 min any machine
-then into-
1 min Squat Stretch
30s pigeon each side


Pause Back Squats
5 sets of 3

Make sure to come to a dead stop at the bottom and hold for at least a second.


6 min
Run 2 laps
into AMRAP w remaining time
15 wallballs 20/14
10 Alt dumbbell snatch 50/35

Rest 3 min

6 min
Run 2 laps
into AMRAP w remaining time
10/8 cal row
20 jumping lunges

Durability work: Extra programming designed to help you develop your fitness and make you more capable for anything you want in life.

5 mile bike*
*every 2 min do 30 double unders or 50 single unders

Sunday, August 15th, 2021 at 6:22 pm / WODS