Monday April 6, 2020

We are finding that many of us are having to shelter in place for quite a bit longer than we once thought. Don’t let the fact that situations are less than ideal prevent you from controlling what you can. To support you in an even greater way, workouts will not just have a single component. They will have a “challenge” portion that is listed before the workout so it doesn’t get missed but can be tackled apart from the workout itself. When you think about these challenges, remember challenges are, by definition, not easy. Also remember, nothing worth doing ever is.

Tackle this week. Don’t let it tackle you.

Challenge: Run 1 Mile

Don’t make this something impossible! Many of you are capable of this but are too scared to try. If need be turn this into a walk run!

Workout of the Day


4 rounds

20 db snatch

20 R arm ovhd step back lunges

40 lateral hops over the db

20 db snatch

20 L arm ovhd step back lunges

40 lateral hops over the db

This workout can be done with a KB or Barbell but ideally we are looking to use a dumbbell in the neighborhood of 50/35. Regardless, if you’re struggling holding the object overhead from the start bring it down to the shoulder instead.

Sunday, April 5th, 2020 at 8:04 pm / WODS