Monday April 23, 2018

Today is a great day to learn some of the most basic positions of a complex movement. We won’t worry about the overhead squat portion today but instead on the more straightforward Deadlift portion and power snatch versus full snatch.

For the conditioning piece after the strength we are going to maximize our Monday and the forecast by running and doing a movement with the fullest range of motion we have ground to overhead. If snatches at speed are complicated for you sub it out for plate ground to overhead.


Snatch grip Deadlift+Power Snatch+Power Snatch


6 min clock

run 800 m

max power snatch 115/75 (or 45/35 plate ground to overhead)

rest 3:00

4 min clock

run 400 m

max power snatch 115/75(or plate ground to ovhd)

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 at 9:59 am / WODS