“Junior” WOD

This workout is for Junior. It was originally performed a few years ago at Rocklin CrossFit to raise money for the young son of one of their member’s. This member is related one of our members; making Junior the nephew of one of our fitness family.

Despite the overwhelming support and prayers, Junior is no longer with us. This variation of the workout is now a Memorial WOD that we do in honor of young Junior, who left this world too soon.

Warm Up

3 sets
50 Jacks
15 Squats
10 Push Up to Downward Dog


Leg Swings
Arm Circles
+1 more


7 min Partner AMRAP
Partner 1: 10 V-ups
Partner 2: holds a plank
rotate every 10 Reps

Workout (Partner Version Below)

4 rounds
8 deadlifts 155/105
8 hang power cleans 155/105
8 thrusters 155/105

“Partner Junior”
64 deadlifts 155/105
48 hang power cleans 155/105
32 thrusters 155/105
*every 2 minutes, including at the start 2 rope climbs

T1: reduce load or alter movements as needed
T2: as written

Each version has a 20 minute cap.


Thursday, May 20th, 2021 at 8:53 pm / WODS