Iron October is this Saturday!

This Saturday is Iron October! If you are new around here and don’t know, Iron October is a competition that we host for local gyms to send athletes of all skill levels (AND AGES) to compete in four unknown workouts. This year we are happy to be using Iron October to benefit at-risk youth and have already raised close to $6000 for The Overcome Project (learn more at

We still need volunteers and would love to have any of you that are willing come help out… and the rest of you; come cheer on the athletes, shop the vendors, and hang out with friends this Saturday from 9-5. No entry fee for spectators.

Friday classes 3, 4, 5, 6 PM and Saturday at 10 am are cancelled.

Warm Up

15 Jacks
10 Arm Circles Each Direction
10 Leg Swings F/B/R/L
3 Inch Worms
10 PVC Passthroughs
10 Bird Dogs
:20 lat pull per side


5 to 7 sets of 5 kipping swings + 5 knee raises or toes to bar
Advanced: 5+up to 5 bar MU


:90 on/:90 off x 18 min
15/12 cal row
5 right arm/5 left arm DB Push Press
Max pull-ups

T1: modify as needed or try 12/9 cal row, DB Snatch 35/25, and ring rows
T2: 5/5 at 50/35
T3: 5/5 at 75/50

Durability work

Every 2 minutes until 100 bench reps or 20 min (whichever comes first)
12/10 cal Bike
Max KB Bench 53s/35s

Sunday, September 26th, 2021 at 7:59 pm / WODS