GYM UPDATE- Friday January 8, 2020


Gym Renovations are going very well. We will start classes in the new space Monday at 5 am!

We also are going to work in the space from 8-2 pm tomorrow. Anyone available please come.

THIS Saturday evening at 6 pm we are going to have a gym reveal party! We are going to do drinks and food potluck style. And since we missed white elephant and our usual December Christmas party we are going to use this opportunity to have a white elephant gift exchange for everyone who wants to participate. $20 gift.

No dress code for Saturday although I will be dressed my best.

3610 N Freeway Blvd
Suite 1
Sacramento 95834

Today (Friday) is your last opportunity to train at Iron Mile Creek for a while. We are rolling from 12-6. Class instruction at 3 &4 pm. The rest of the clock is for open gym.

Due to the party and final set-up we will not be hosting a Saturday workout.

warmup: 7 min warm up
10 glute bridge up
10 bird dogs
10 alt shoulder taps
30 snatches

strength: front squat

emom: 14 min clock
2 front squats

18 min clock
20 up downs
Kettlebell swings
plate squat clean

Thursday, January 7th, 2021 at 11:05 pm / WODS