Friday September 20, 2018

Skill/Strength: more of an extended warm up

8 min emom:

even: 5-10 pull-ups*

odd: 5 touch and go deadlifts**

*this minute is used to find/try appropriate pull-up scaling and progressions

**this minute is used to build to working weight for the workout. Stronger athletes control the tempo with a 1 second up and a 3 Second decent on each rep.

Partner Workout:

20 down to 2 x 2โ€™s

deadlift 225/155

2 up to 20 x 2โ€™s

Bar Muscle up*

*Scale to jumping Bar mu or something in the chest to bar family as needed.


Thursday, September 20th, 2018 at 8:00 pm / WODS