Friday May 10, 2019

Friday FUN Day! IM60 can be done solo, as a duo, or as a trio! It is designed for a team of three workout.

REMINDER: Saturday – OPEN GYM at 9 am. IM30 at 930. IM60 at 10 AM

IRON MILE YOUTH CAMP: JUNE 18-21 from 10AM-2PM. Lunch Provided. $199 per kid. Siblings $99. 2 workouts per day, games, and intro into Olympic weightlifting. email if you’re interested. $20 discount for early bird sign-ups; before May 24.

IF You are interested in PERSONALIZED PROGRAMMING text coach Ben(530.908.7678). Personalized Programming is an additional program designed around your unique goals, needs, and lifestyle.

Skill: 5 working sets
7 Push Press+7 Front
Squats+7 Thrusters
*Use Axle bar for added

Down But Never Out:

Teams of 3:
20 min AMRAP
20, 40, 60, +20…
*Non-working partners
hold top of push up
*Non-working partners
hold a squat
Toes to bar*
*Non-working partners
hold a leg raise

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