Friday January 7, 2021

Registering for the Northern California Classic through Competition Corner is encouraged. The “NCC” is one of the primary ways to support local at-risk youth, grow the fitness community and test your fitness. For those of you who find yourself in the top tier of your age group or skill level; you can opt to register for the main event that will be held in June!

Also if you register you get a limited edition NCC x Iron Mile Shirt for only $10.. Only available for those who are registered! Venmo $10 to @IronMile


Clock is set for 20 min. This is warm up, time to build, and then when you are ready:

For max weight:

Complete 3 snatches within 5 minutes

*Athletes must hit the same weight 3 times for it to count as a scored lift. No limit on the number of attempts within the 5 minute window. Each athlete is only allowed 1 barbell.

Another Hot Mess (Workout)

For time:

21 calorie bike
7 shoulder to overhead
15 calorie bike
5 shoulder to overhead
9 calorie bike
3 shoulder to overhead

Elite/RX/16-17/35-49: (185/125)

Scaled/50+: (135/95)

14-15: (75/55)

If you need to scale below the 135/95 to complete the workout; try complete the first set of calories and a few reps at the 135/95 before dropping weight and getting the rest of the workout in.

Thursday, January 6th, 2022 at 11:27 am / WODS