Friday April 24, 2020

This workout is INSPIRED by Ben Smith, 2015 CrossFit Games Champion, head coach of Crossfit Krypton, and programmer of the Ben Smith Blueprint.

We couldn’t take his workout exactly due to equipment restraints and time domains but here is a derivation that is fun and challenging.

This workout would be made even more fun with a partner. Simply work through a round and then rest while they do the same. Partners are easy to find in your own home or at Iron Mile Acres Outdoor Recreation Area at 3/4/5 pm. (1740 E St. 95673)

Devin will be coaching at 10 am on Facebook Live in the Iron Mile Family Group while him and Coach Ben tackle this workout. Tune in to hear tips, tricks and watch two Iron Mile coaches tackle this workout.

Don’t forget Classes resume May 4th. If you have questions please text coach Ben. Additionally, if you’d like to help get the gym ready with some exciting new touches please contact Coach Ben immediately at (530) 908-7678


5 Rounds (Every 3:00 start new round)

30 Wall Ball 20/14

5/4 muscle ups, 15 pull-ups, 3 rope climbs, 15 ring rows, or 10-15 bent over rows

*Scale wallballs to finish in 2 sets or less.

No Equipment

5 Rounds (Every 3:00 start new round)

60 squats

12 table rows

*scale squats if not finished in 90 seconds or less

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 at 10:55 pm / WODS