Friday April 10, 2020

What a great time on Zoom with Lauren Fisher yesterday!

Today we are back to our usual schedule for those who aren’t looking to stay home and workout solo; Zoom and FB Live workout at 10 am,  and full outdoor workouts available at 3, 4, and 5 pm at 1740 E St. 95673 that are open to everyone who isn’t sick, immune-compromised, or around those who are.

Today’s workout is programmed as a partner workout but can be done solo. If you’re solo cut the reps in half! Ideally though grab someone you feel comfortable working out with or someone you live with and get after this one!

Partner Workout(equipment version)

20 minute AMRAP

20 renegade rows*

20 toes to bar

20 power cleans**

60 cal bike/row

*Renegade row-Hold a dumbbell in each hand and get into pushup position, balancing on the handles. Shift your body weight to your right side so your left arm feels light. Row the left-hand dumbbell to your hip. Repeat on the opposite side. Keep your body in a straight line and your abs braced throughout.

**Power cleans move up in weight each round. Ideally;

Round 1-135/95

Round 2-185/125

Round 3-225/155

Round 4 and beyond 245/165

Partner Workout(no equipment version)

20 minute AMRAP

30 pulling movements

15 v-ups

15 sit-ups

30 push up to alternating toe touch

150 mountain climbers.

Thursday, April 9th, 2020 at 10:43 pm / WODS