Final day at IM

Today is the final day at Iron Mile as we know it. It’s with excitement we look forward to the new location that is opening on Monday January 4th at 3610 N Freeway Blvd Suite 105.

We are hosting an outdoor workout on New Years Eve at 10 am at Iron Mile Creek, 1740 E St. Rio Linda 95673. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Warm Up: 3 sets

1 min bike or row
10 pvc pass throughs
10 push up to downward dog
Toy Soldiers down and back
High Knees down and back

4 min mobility athlete choice

Pre workout:

4 sets of 10-15 underhand barbell rows
4 sets of 15-20 weighted glute bridge up
4 sets of 20-25 hip ext

Workout: “KYLE J.”

25 min cap

2 rounds*

12 hang squat snatch 115/75
30 shoulder to overhead 115/75
19 bar facing burpees
70 cal row

*50 cal assault bike buy in for the ladies. 50 cal assault bike cash out for the guys.

T1: hang power snatch up to 115/75 or adjust loads and movements as necessary

T2: as written

Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 at 8:57 pm / WODS